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   Certified Hypnotist since 1989 - Perceptual Psych-Behavioral Research Methodology UofW - Addiction Studies U of M, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - U of Sask-,   Certified NLP Master Practitioner
   Has been researching Psycho-Acoustics for the past 30+ years which is where he happened upon the material that led to the creation of these audios in conjunction with Progressive Systems, that can induce a hypnogogic state in a very short time.
   Persistence is a wonderful tool which is all the more powerful when we live in the only thing that truly exists which is now.  All else are either impressions in the past moving away from us or those coming toward us in the future.  Welcome the winds of change for they can put wind in your sails and lift your spirit with the prospect of new understanding and achievement. We live in one of the most exciting times where science is advancing at a very rapid rate; immortality is within our grasp so let us start perfecting our minds so that the world we create will be freed of the illness and poverty that still exists.    AUDI NOVA

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The Master of Reality guide for the 21rst century.
       We use the concept of a seed to describe the potential that exists at the core of your reality and represents what you manifests into your reality.  If your core is programmed with positive life enhancing priinciples, your reality will reflect this. The tools you find here are designed to enhance the quality of your life.
      When we talk about the seed we are talking about the sum total of all the principles and forces required to bring in a valuable harvest or what some call a pearl of great price.  A harvest of wealth, power and wisdom.  In order to have a harvest we must first understand how to cultivate the seed and nurture it to provide that valuable harvest.  You can now obtain the highly effective tools to do this. These tools are developed through the use of the sound matrix audios. These tools provide you with the, passion, perseverance, persistence and confidence to achieve any goal. This is what the audios program into you.  So the three p's which create the confidence can literally move mountains. The key is to applying them in a consistent and systematic way to get the results that you desire. Its an inside job for the most part but we have now found that the science of sound can aide tremendously in accelerating the process.

      Sound happens to be the sense that is first to mature in the fetus.  And sound plays a very important role in human development.     But not until recently has it been researched in relation to evoking heightened states of awareness and trance states.  Researching this led us to discovering that there were certain patterns and frequencies which if one was exposed to for a certain period of time would produce heightened  states of awareness and that theses states were the same states that meditators and monks would spend many years cultivating.  Discovering this first hand was truly amazing.  You to will be amazed with the results you will achieve. Progressive Systems

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