Master transformational trance Meditation in 8 minutes a day!  How to thrive in the twenty first century! With our psychoacoustic sound matrix technology you are able to reprogram your subconscious mind to achieve your goals, in record time.

Get excited, get pumped, because you will start seeing the results in days, and this might not be the most important decision you will ever make but, it will positively change your life forever.  This audio technology will open up possibilities you never dreamt of before.  Start really living, and have the power to make things happen.

Master of Reality

Introduction to The SEED

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 Imagine if there were a way to get rid of the subconscious beliefs that prevent you from changing your outcomes in life. You would be able to confidently take action on your goals, overcome the dissonance that holds you back, and advance toward your chosen reality.  That's what happens when to use the audios provided with this program.  People will notice the positive changes in you.  Once you master the seed of consciousness you truly become a master of reality!  Get the Program, invest in your future and start benefiting now.  Don't lose out.  Make it happen now!


What  would  your  life  be  like  if  you  l earned  that  you  are  more  powerful  than  you  have  ever  been  taught?

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 Health - Wealth -Security

Your beliefs limit or expand your world!   Which will it be for you?

If you follow a plan you should get a consistant result!

The spiritual teacher Esther Hicks said:

“Seventeen seconds of focused, pleasurable visualization is stronger than many hours of working to obtain a goal.”

  This is a secret that proponents of creative visualization have known for years. Today science is beginning to show evidence of why it is so effective.

  Most people only set goals at the conscious level — which is only 5% of your potential resources.  **Our instant trance(IT) audios reprogram your subconscious mind to fast track your goals!  Fast - Effective and Easy to use!  Then you will learn how to use anchors to instantly activate a trance state without having to use the conditioning audios.  This is true power, freedom and convenience.important

  According to cutting-edge research from Dr. Bruce Lipton at Stanford University Medical Center, it is your subconscious mind that ultimately casts the deciding vote on how much success, abundance, happiness, health and freedom you experience in your life.

  Dr Lipton explains that “most people don’t even acknowledge that their subconscious mind is at play, when the fact is it is many times more powerful than the conscious mind, and that we operate 95 percent of our lives from subconscious programs.”  We put positive life enhancing programs into this part of your brain.

  And your subconscious mind has been programmed with a blueprint that contains limits for (among other things) how happy we can be, how much money we’ll make, what our relationships can be like…**Our instant trance(IT) audios, reprogram your subconscious mind, for more of the things YOU want, preventing you from defaulting to the limitations that were programmed into you when you were a small child, and that currently run your life today! Fast -Effective and Easy to use!  Let the world see the prime mover you really are.

Get past the fear of trying something new - make it happen nowimportant

How to overcome the inertia of making a decision video!

 With this program,  you learn to harness the power to enhance your reality and become successful.  Free yourself from the inertia that could keep you frustrated with your current circumstance in life much longer.  Stop struggling.  Get the power.  Don't delay, get better outcomes happening in your life today! 

Money is ENERGY

  Do you feel like you are settling for less than you can be?  Like maybe you are being left behind or in a rut of same old, same old, same old.  Get off the treadmill of mediocrity.  This technology is for you.  A formula for you to cultivate a fast track to achieve your goals.  We know time is probably the most precious resource that, you have(8 minute a day committment).  You have got to have an edge nowadays to not only thrive, but just to keep your head above water.  You will condition your mind to develop a super focus, filtering out the potential distractions and inefficiencies of your current reality.  And project your enhanced power onto the road of your new achievements.  Its like you become a super-conducting magnet of positive outcomes.  You will find some repetitions in this program.  Pay close attention to those areas as they will be very important to commit to memory.  When you do decide to explore some of the lessons, you will, more understand why, what is happening.    All the knowledge from the extensive research has been incorporated into the audios to accelerate your success.  All that is required for you to achieve success and become a Master of Your Reality, is for you to use the audios as directed.  All else is just for broadening the scope of your understanding.   That's it, 8-minutes a day  to start building the momentum to manifest the successes that are right for you.  Use headphones with the audios.

Money is ENERGY and it is good for you!  An example of what you will learn: Audi/Video

          Instant Trance (IT)is the most effective way of getting into a deep trance state, to affect life enhancing changes.  The trance state is probably the most natural state we experience on a daily basis.  It is not at all like sleep.  That's all Hollywood and completely inaccurate.  The trance state is extremely focused and a highly aware state.  We go in and out of mostly light trances frequently throughout a day.  The key however is to do it at will, and to deepen it to a point where it can affect the changes we desire in the subconscious mind.  That is what the audios are for.  No need to spend countless hours on meditation training.  The best time to use the audios is anytime you have 8 minutes.


Health - Wealth - Security

                           make it happenimportant

  - It is important to listen to the 1intro140.mp3 file at least once, before you commence, your life enhancing program.  Most of the 8-minute audios are dichotic (a different message is sent to each ear) and your conscious mind will not be able to register the info from both channels all the time, but the subconscious mind registers it all, and more importantly deposits it into the most powerful part of your brain, to be implemented.  *Scientifically proven to be much more effective than just affirmations.  You will be astounded with the positive outcomes that begin to manifest into your reality.

  Once you have purchased the program you get access to the online version of the program with all the videos and audios.  Because being online means you can then access it on any device.  You also receive a PDF copy of the program.  The more people you tell about The Master of Reality, the greater is your positive impact on life.  It creates good karma.  Now that we have perfected the Sound Matrix we will be adding new audios to your download directory which will be available to you FREE.  Some supplamental titles we have just completed are ,"Don't just loose the weight-acheive your Ideal Healthy Weight" and "Living a Tobacco free healthy life." for those afflicted.

   The knowledge in the course , plus the audios will make you a POWER HOUSE and a force to be reckoned with! 

 Get past the fear of trying something new - make it happen nowimportant

Main audios you receive:

1 - 8minute1; dichotic male-female voice - sound matrix; to be used daily

2 - 8minute2;  male voice - sound matrix; can be used daily

3 -  SleepProgrammer; male voice - sound matrix; use as often as you like

4 -  4 times the amount of programming - sound matrix; as often as you like 

5 - TranceX; use for visualization, active meditation or contemplation - sound matrix 

6- Be your ideal weight; dichotic - sound matrix 

7 - Living a Tobacco free healthy life - sound matrix

** There are several other 8-minute audios. These are all interchangeable, so please switch them around periodically as you may develop a preference for some of them at different times so follow your intuition on this as, one of them may resonate more deeply for you at any paticular point in time.  There are also 5 more sleep program audios  Healthy Weight - Tobacco Free - Confidence and Positive Outcomes - Accelerated Healing - Sleep Affirmations - yours FREE!  You can use these with a pillow speaker or headphones.  As you will learn in the program,  a trance state is not a sleep state, and is actually a state where you are extremely aware, very focused and relaxed.  You can therefore use any of the trance audios under any conditions. i.e. Gym, biking, running etc.  We have just completed the 1 hour audio you can use for your daily commute.  All FREE with your online program.

Don't buy this program unless you are willing to commit 8 minutes a day to it.  We want our course to go viral so we have priced it far below life changing system, even though we know our product is far superior.  We are more interested in helping more people to transform their lives.  If you want instant online access to the program, you can purchase it here for over 50% off, (the retail price of 79.00) at 39.00 (Our researh indicates that programs on the internet of this type, average about 2 to 3 hundred dollars)  We just want to make this technology affordable to anyone that has a desire to acquire the tools they need to transform their lives.  We would appreciate if you would let us share your stories of success and accomplishments as they begin to occur. Send us your comments.  The Master of Reality book alone is available at Amazon as well for those who like hard copy, and you still get access to all the online material.  Those concerned with the state of Mother Earth please check this out!  The question you need to ask yourself now is, are you worth the 39.00 investment it takes to get yourself onto this revolutionary program for getting what you want out of life?

Fast - Effective and Easy to Use

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